Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A pink pony..... continuing to learn!

I have frogged the pink pony more than once! I am hopefully going to eventually get it right. I had to do some tucking and reshaping on this one, but I do plan on doing 2 more horses very soon. I will begin again and hopefully I'll have a pattern that others will be able to use. I am hoping to have something worth selling when I'm finished. I think learning is sometimes a slow process. I am learning much more than how to knit something of my own design and write the pattern for it. .... I am leaning that it's okay to just get in there and try. I can't figure out much till I actually try what I think might work. The same is in life. I need to try to do what I think might work! I am also trying to lose 30 pounds and I think of ways to make it work and then if I don't put them into practice, then it won't ever happen. So I guess I better get on with my day and make stuff happen!

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