Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Doing the difficult thing!

Jacob's brown pony is finished! Hooray! Even with mistakes, I think he will like it.  So why is it that I must do the more difficult thing of making my own design of a pony? And why do I do it all the hard way? Do I really need the challenge? It would be easier to just use a pattern. I don't do better than any of the cool patterns that are out there. I think it's the feeling of doing what I imagine that I can do. The feeling of accomplishing a difficult thing. Like the SUDOKU puzzle that I try.  For the longest time I would pass on any of the more difficult ones. Then I decided to try. And I accomplished it! Doing something that is difficult is doable and worth the try. But only with some determination and stick-to-it-tivity! It doesn't just happen. Next time I think I'll do things in an easier way!
Our lives are so much like this. We avoid the hard stuff and not put forth the effort because we think something is too difficult. When all it takes is to jump in there and give it a try and learn to deal with the mistakes. There's always mistakes and it's a matter of learning how to deal with them. The more practice on dealing with mistakes and the more practice on doing a difficult thing the easier it becomes! So just jump in there and give something a try and see what can be learned! Hooray for learning! ......... I'll post a picture tomorrow......

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