Friday, September 30, 2011

July, August and September!

Here I go again. Playing catch up! What have I done since I last wrote clear back in July?
I did a teddy bear blanket for my new granddaughter, Emily. It's almost embarrassing, because I messed up on it so much. These illusion blankets are a simple two color stripe with a combination of knit and purls. I changed the color every time I was supposed to just change from knit to purl. The tiger blanket is done right! So, Emily, I owe you a nice blanket! Just don't know when.....

Next I did a sweater for my mom! It's fairly nice but a bit big. It was fun to make! 

Then I made a cool cat for my granddaughter Madilynn! This is an Alan Dart cat! 

 I did two awesome airplanes for my grandson Roger! Taking a picture wasn't easy. So here are several! 

Now it's August and I did a sport weight vest for James.  

I made these very nice gloves for my daughter-in-law, Kristen! Now I'm working on some using the same pattern, only this time I'm using the yarn I won from Mary Taylor!! She is knitting everything in the book Knitting on Top of the World by Nicky Epstein. You can check out her blog here!

Now here is the Tiger for Natalie! It's done right! Looking straight on you cannot see the tiger, but looking at an angle you see this cool tiger! 

May 17, 2008 I got this llama wool from the doctor that delivered 13 of my 19 grandkids! This year I sent it to Salt Lake to be spun into yarn! 

I just finished this very nice warm and comfy sweater with that! 
This one is for me! I don't normally have time to knit for myself. But I do have some time this fall. 

So what's next? I'm doing a doll for my friend Mary P and the fancy gloves for myself and I might do a vest to match and I'm thinking of a bag with more llama wool!