Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Before 2015

I haven't written on my blog in such a long time. I thought I would take a minute to spotlight a few things I've done in the past year. It will be 2015 in less than 4 hours. That's hard to believe. Why does the time slip away so quickly? I haven't written here since August 2013. I've completed over 60 things since then. Way too many to post all of them. So here are just a few! :)

This is Samuel and he's walking around now He's such a cutie! 
Now we are expecting #23 and 24 next summer! Hooray! 
This guy has been well played with and mended too. I start with a Jean Greenhowe cowboy and change it to make my own thing. 

This was a fun knit of Fiona McDondald that I finished at the Talbot reunion! :) 
This was a fun Debi Tomasello knit that I did for my sister, Pat! 
This cute Debi hat is one I did for my friend, Mary, for her granddaughter! 
I enjoyed doing this little YodaMaster by Phoenixknits! She has lots of fun patterns! 
This  baby blanket was a pattern from Debi Tomasello was a fun knit for my new nephew! 
I've done several of these Jean Greenhowe  nativities now. This one was for my sister-in-law, Deanna. 
I have done several Fiona McDonald's fairies from her book Knitted Faries to Cherish and Charm
Another Debi Tomasello knit! 
This was a fun knit from Debi's group. I dyed the yarn for this! 
This was my own pattern! A bit skinny, but cute anyway. 
Here's another Jean Greenhowe cowboy turned Ninja! 

I also enjoy doing some test knits for Galina Fedtchenko. Both of these are her patterns! 
I did this shawl for my sister-in-law, Jeanne. It was made from her mother's yarn! :) 
It's been a short year. Time seams to fly by! Here's a link to my Ravelry page that shows all my stuff since 2010! :) 
Knitting has been a great blessing to me! I've learned more than knitting. It's so important to have something to do. Something to keep me focused on. Some way of giving a bit of myself to those I love. There is more I have learned, which comes from learning any type of skill. So I would encourage you to find something to do, something to give and something to enjoy! :)