Sunday, May 8, 2011

Beverly's jacket

This is Beverly's Highland Fling Plaid Jacket by Nicky Epstein

It turned out very beautiful!

I am using some Lion's Brand Fisherman's wool that I got last year at 3 skeins for $10. So not counting that, I spent $35 on some Patons wool and an additional skein of Fisherman's wool.

4/22/2011 I did at least half the back yesterday! I made the changes suggested by MaryTaylor I think I can do this in 8 days. Beverly's birthday is the 1st of May. So this will give me 9 days to finish it.

Last night I was thinking I could do the vertical stripes on the back in a couple of hours. mmmmm......  I still have 6 stripes to go. So I am wondering if Intarsia  would be faster. I will think on it and start again on Monday. I think it's looking great!
Stayed up late last night and finished the vertical stripes on the back! Today is Easter. I always give my knitting fingers a rest on Sundays. So I'll be working on it tomorrow.
I still might be able to finish by Saturday night, but most likely it will be Monday or Tuesday, which will be fine. I have decided that the duplicate stitch works better than Intarsia for a vertical stripe. I started the first front in Intarsia, but it was driving me nuts to do it that way and it wasn't looking very nice. So I'm doing the duplicate stitch.
Yesterday was not a good knitting day for this. I was on my way to town and realized I was making the i-cord on backwards on the collar. Good thing I had a baby blanket in my bag to work on. I got home and started over. I decided that because of the different colors that I would not do the i-cord till I was done, as I am just learning to do this method.

Then on the way to go for a walk I was all ready to knit and realized that I had knitted the bottom Fair Isle using the #6 needle and I didn't have my #9 needle. So I couldn't knit till I got home a couple hours later. Then I decided to start again with the #9 needle. Anyway, I finally got about half of one collar done.
Today was a good knitting day. I should be able to finish both collars and hopefully block all the pieces out this evening. Then I will only have the sleeves, the sewing up and i-cord left to do. Instead of blocking I had to take time to learn how to take out the duplicate stitch. It's easier to put in than it is to take out. The best way I found is to  turn the work to the purl side and snip the bumps of color, then turn it over and pick off the top.
I was working on the sleeve and when I was almost done I realized that I had forgotten the increases. Ouch! So I made a wedge and started to seam in onto the sleeve. I was so pleased at how nice the seam was coming along and almost done when I realized that I had sewn it on upside down!  Another ouch! I carefully took it off and put it on right. Now all that is left is a little of the second sleeve and the vertical stripes of both sleeves, the blocking and seaming up and the i-cord on the edge. I also plan to make a couple belts. My goal is to have it done by Tuesday night.
5/5 Thursday
I've been helping my son move, but the sweater is almost done. I only need to connect the back of the collar. It needs to be made a bit longer, but I've misplaced my #9 needle. So I'm a bit stuck. I've been working on Bev's baby's blanket and my next project of a topsy-turnabout Jean Greenhowe doll.  I also need to make the i-cord on the edge and sew on a hook and eye. I might finish tonight if I can find my needle! lol
5/6 Friday.
It's finished! Hooray! I have worked on it 14 days. I made a vinyl belt, just so I could take pictures with a belt. My son, Joseph. is going to make her a nice leather one soon. But as you can see, Beverly is not ready for a belt! The baby is due on the 16th!
The sleeves turned out a bit too long. I used a #8 needle on them but they're still a bit too long.
I think it's quite beautiful! And I think Beverly likes it too!