Friday, November 16, 2012

October & November

In October it was a pleasure to have Dora come to visit me from Ireland! 
Cindy and Dora enjoyed doing many things together! 

Here is a headband and scarf for my friend Mary! 

A trip to the Perrine Bridge is always a thrill! The canyon is so deep and beautiful! 

After I struggled making these blocks with magnets in them I read about magnet safety for children. So I decided that magnet blocks for children is not a good idea. 

But I finally did make a block that might work! 

I made these gloves for Joe. 

I made this cute little Peggy the Pegacorn. Just because I wanted to do a fun toy mystery knit! It was fun to just get a little bit of the pattern every week. 

 Halloween was great fun! 
I helped Mary carve 20 pumpkins! One for each of the kids including Mary! 

A witch outfit for Dora! 

And of course she needs a black kitty to go with her! 

Halloween was great! But I didn't get to see the Bun Maker! Hooray for the kids! 

The past couple weeks I've been working on a doll for Abigail but that still needs some work. I'm also making a pillow for Dane. I have plenty of other things planned. A T-Rex for Ryan is next. Then a dress for my Sweetie Pie, the traveling doll, who will be visiting from Scotland. A new doll for Elizabeth. An Elf for Mary. A hat for a friend. And a soft something for Alexander! That should keep me busy til the end of December! :) 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Knitting in August and September!

Wow! I haven't updated my blog since July! How does time fly away from me so quickly!
The first part of August I made this awesome hunter for my grandson.

Little brother removed his eyes, and of course you know a hunter cannot hunt without his eyes. 
So I made new ones! 
I got them looking up to much. I need some more practice making eyes.
I made this cute Jean Greenhowe teddy bear for my one-year-old sweetie. 
This sock monkey went to one of my James, who just turned three. 
This nativity turned out better than this picture, because I made some changes after I did the pictures. 
I changed the color on the green figure's robe. I found the right color of yarn so I made the change. I also changed Mary's lips, so they are a bit less profound. 
I got a bit sidetracked from my birthday knitting and started a little doll. She is a traveling doll! And she is just so much fun. There are 13 ladies in our group and the dolls will spend about a month with each of us. The first place my doll goes is to Arkansas, then she will travel to Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Poland, England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada and then back home. I will receive their dolls in the reverse order. The doll from Canada was just here and she in on her way. 
This is the first doll I made. I named her Cindy and I have redone her face more than once. 
Here she is before. 
and  after.
She even has straight pins for earrings! 
 I think I might still redo her eyes, just for the practice. 
Her face got too much paint and when I felted her, her head got too wobbly. I wasn't happy with her  so I made another doll. But she is a very nice host doll for all our visitors!  Her name is Thia. Even though I like Cindy's hair better Thia is the one traveling! Her hair is 100% wool Kool-aid dyed and it's nice too. :)
It has been so much fun to have Callie and Cathy visiting from Canada! It says there are only 127 pictures on there, but I think it's more than 150. Here they are helping me make bread! 
We took tons of pictures. Here we are at Shoshone Falls! 

I also made Callie a cute little Jean Greenhowe Teddy bear! 
And some new dresses! We all make a new outfit for everyone! 
I gathered some post cards and a few things to send on her way to Arkansas. 
This is such a fun adventure! 
I also made some roses for Natalie.

 Now I'm working on some gloves for Joe! 
I always have something planned! I love life and have tons of fun! 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Knitting in July!

Since, my pictures want to land at the beginning of my blog, I'm starting with the last creation. I just finished this lovely doll for my three-year-old granddaughter. Since she is only three I didn't make her extra outfits or necklace. But she is very beautiful! 

             Here's what else I've been knitting this past month or so. Some of these things are my own patterns, so that makes it a bit more of a struggle. They turned out nice anyway.

I made Sarah this cool pillow! She just turned five! 

I had a fun time making this Perry the Platypus! I didn't have a pattern, so I made it up as I went along. He turned out okay, but it still has problems. I think he's pretty cool, even with all the problems. 

I embroidered this lovely rose for my sister on this bag. It was a nice simple and fast project, because I knitted the bag last year. I think it turned out pretty. 

These gloves were a nice portable knit. but they seamed to be endless and I was happy to be done with them. Ben likes them and they are a nice fit. 
I made this awesome bag with part of the leftover yarn from the nativity I made. The Quilt Barn will be putting it on display! 
This bag turned out great! I was worried about it while I was making it, but I really do like it !

     The past couple of month has been busy. My mom and dad both spent some time in the hospital. We had a family reunion and other family events. And a good friend of ours died. So, I am so very thankful for my knitting which helps me as I go through all the ups and downs of life. But more than that I'm thankful to my Heavenly Father and my Savior, Jesus Christ! That is what really gets me through the hard times.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Knitting in May and June !

I have been busy as always! So what have I done recently? These are not really in order, but that's okay. It's all here anyway.
This is a last minute dishcloth for my mom. I used a fabric marker to highlight the hearts and writing! I love mom! 

Steve wasn't sure what he wanted, so I suggested a pillow with the 49er's logo. He liked that idea. 

I did this one making changes on the wrong side too. That was quite annoying. 

So I only did it on the front. The back is plain knit. I enclosed it with a three needle bind off all the way around. 

This is an awesome hat for Matt. It looks pointy, but not when wearing it. 
It looks great! 

I did this little monkey for Jordan. 

This is a very cool pillow! The picture doesn't really do it justice. 

It has buttons on the back. 

I also did this monkey suit for Jordan. 

This monkey and monkey suit are sitting on top of an afghan I made when Beverly was married. 

I made this pillow for Henry. I only made changes on the right side of the fabric, so I did it on back and front too. I used a double strand of yarn with a three needle bind off for this. Worked great! 

He wanted something with his work place on it! 

This is Kayleigh's doll. She has beautiful Kool-Aid dyed hair! 

Ryan was there when I took pictures. He was wondering if I made it for him. :) 

Here is Katelyn and Kayleigh's dolls hair together. 

This little beauty is for Katelyn! 

Here they are together! The difference in size is because I used sport weight yarn and a size 2 needle on the smaller one  and  DK weight yarn and a size 3 needle on the bigger one. They both have 2 outfits.  
What a wonderful blessing to have a good family and people to love! I am very sadden to have lost our friend, Ralph. He was a very good man and a blessing to his family. He has helped our family many times. My deepest sympathy and love and prayers for his wife, Mary. My Mary also had her troubles this couple months. So I am hoping for her recovery and blessing. I love my family and friends so much. I have more love in me that doesn't show as I wish it would. I am so thankful for them! :)