Saturday, June 16, 2012

Knitting in May and June !

I have been busy as always! So what have I done recently? These are not really in order, but that's okay. It's all here anyway.
This is a last minute dishcloth for my mom. I used a fabric marker to highlight the hearts and writing! I love mom! 

Steve wasn't sure what he wanted, so I suggested a pillow with the 49er's logo. He liked that idea. 

I did this one making changes on the wrong side too. That was quite annoying. 

So I only did it on the front. The back is plain knit. I enclosed it with a three needle bind off all the way around. 

This is an awesome hat for Matt. It looks pointy, but not when wearing it. 
It looks great! 

I did this little monkey for Jordan. 

This is a very cool pillow! The picture doesn't really do it justice. 

It has buttons on the back. 

I also did this monkey suit for Jordan. 

This monkey and monkey suit are sitting on top of an afghan I made when Beverly was married. 

I made this pillow for Henry. I only made changes on the right side of the fabric, so I did it on back and front too. I used a double strand of yarn with a three needle bind off for this. Worked great! 

He wanted something with his work place on it! 

This is Kayleigh's doll. She has beautiful Kool-Aid dyed hair! 

Ryan was there when I took pictures. He was wondering if I made it for him. :) 

Here is Katelyn and Kayleigh's dolls hair together. 

This little beauty is for Katelyn! 

Here they are together! The difference in size is because I used sport weight yarn and a size 2 needle on the smaller one  and  DK weight yarn and a size 3 needle on the bigger one. They both have 2 outfits.  
What a wonderful blessing to have a good family and people to love! I am very sadden to have lost our friend, Ralph. He was a very good man and a blessing to his family. He has helped our family many times. My deepest sympathy and love and prayers for his wife, Mary. My Mary also had her troubles this couple months. So I am hoping for her recovery and blessing. I love my family and friends so much. I have more love in me that doesn't show as I wish it would. I am so thankful for them! :)