Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Nativity in April!

I am so excited because the nativity is finished! Hooray! It turned out great! This will be a display for the Quilt Barn! 

This cute little top for Beverly turned out awesome! But it reminded me of how when I was a freshman in high school I did a beautiful back flip on the tramp. The only problem was that I did it on accident, so my teacher kicked me off the tramp for a week. I thought I had cast on 242 stitches, but when I got to the arms, I realized that I had 208...........Sure hope I don't get kicked off the knitting needles, for such a blunder. It turned out to be a perfect accident. 

My granddaughter wanted a Rapunzel doll for her birthday. 

 Her hair is so gorgeous!

 I made my own stitch! It was easy and looks great! But, I didn't write it down. Not smart. 
 Of course, she needed bare feet! 
 I'm not really happy with the face, but she is okay! 

What a wonderful blessing to have people to love! I'm so glad they like me to knit for them. We almost lost our lovely Mary this last month. I'm so very, very thankful that she is still with us! I love all my family so very much! :) 

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