Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hyrum's thing

My grandson, Hyrum, drew this picture and said "Grandma, knit this!" So here it is! No exactly the same, but it's close! I would give the pattern away if I the pattern wasn't so flawed. If I ever did it again, it would be different. I cast on too many stitches, so it became huge! I made 10 Entrelac squares of 15 stitches and went for 5 rounds. Then I realized I needed to turn it the other way or knit forever to make it taller than it was wide. So I turned it so the cast on edge was on the side instead of the bottom. I knew the skinny neck would be impossible, but I tried. I crocheted (holding 3 strands of yarn together) over pipe cleaners for the skinny arms(wings) and antennas which worked fairly well. I also added 3 pipe cleaners and stuffing into the legs. I had an old memory foam pillow and added some more stuffing and used it inside. The wings, head, and legs are connected to the pillow,not the yarn. It took lots of stitching to get it sewed up. I was thankful I knew how to mattress stitch even though I didn't actually stitch two seams together. But I could hide the stitching well. When I did the neck I picked up stitches around a few pipe cleaners and made a crocheted edge connected to the top of the body. Then I started knitting it up in the round. Unknowingly, I was knitting the inside of the round. It just felt awkward. Anyway it turn out to be reverse stockinette stitch. It was late at night and I decided that, that would be fine.  I really like the tongue! It can hide inside the mouth! I have so much to learn about making my own patterns. This was a challenge and tons of fun to accomplish! This thing just makes me smile!
This is Johnny, Hyrum's little brother. Hyrum took this picture!
This is Hyrum's picture!
Here's Hyrum, Johnny and the Thing! 


  1. I LOVE IT MOMMY! What a great creation! GOOD JOB!

  2. Cynthia,
    I think this creation of yours is absolutely marvelous. You were very brave to tackle such a project from a child's drawing. You are amazing. By the way, I love you. You are special to me. Love, Charlene