Friday, November 16, 2012

October & November

In October it was a pleasure to have Dora come to visit me from Ireland! 
Cindy and Dora enjoyed doing many things together! 

Here is a headband and scarf for my friend Mary! 

A trip to the Perrine Bridge is always a thrill! The canyon is so deep and beautiful! 

After I struggled making these blocks with magnets in them I read about magnet safety for children. So I decided that magnet blocks for children is not a good idea. 

But I finally did make a block that might work! 

I made these gloves for Joe. 

I made this cute little Peggy the Pegacorn. Just because I wanted to do a fun toy mystery knit! It was fun to just get a little bit of the pattern every week. 

 Halloween was great fun! 
I helped Mary carve 20 pumpkins! One for each of the kids including Mary! 

A witch outfit for Dora! 

And of course she needs a black kitty to go with her! 

Halloween was great! But I didn't get to see the Bun Maker! Hooray for the kids! 

The past couple weeks I've been working on a doll for Abigail but that still needs some work. I'm also making a pillow for Dane. I have plenty of other things planned. A T-Rex for Ryan is next. Then a dress for my Sweetie Pie, the traveling doll, who will be visiting from Scotland. A new doll for Elizabeth. An Elf for Mary. A hat for a friend. And a soft something for Alexander! That should keep me busy til the end of December! :) 

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